Yep, dat's old.

Nope, nothing really here any longer. Use to be but I've long since lost interest.

Except this link: Korean War Pictures

And now adding the renewed: Bear World - nothing to do with bears.


Below is gibberish that's been on the original WolfCrews page pretty much since the beginning.... So it's here now.


Oh, What A Tangled World Wide Web We Weave
I think I made that up (remember, I wrote that in 95). Whoop-de-do.
Big Deal. Just say OWATWWWWW.

Brought to you by the letters H, L, and the numbers 6 and 9

This page has been around since Nov. 14, 1995. The counter long since gone.

This page and its contents are copyrighted 1995-2011 because they need to be for some reason or another (and the line about Weaving).

And I take NO responsibility for spelling.

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Have a Cookie.*

And the Number One Excuse IS...
Under construction, and always will be.

*Not the browser kind, I wrote this before that all started coming up. I was thinking of Don Rickles
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